Committed Buyer

Home buyers have been epically frustrated by Brexit, an election and now the pandemic and a second lockdown As such, the buyer market is more committed than ever. Buyers are prepared to pay the fees associated with buying your home because competition for property is currently so fierce. When we introduce you to Secure My Sale’s Committed Buyer pool, we help you sell your home for FREE by marketing it only to highly motivated buyers that are prepared to pay for our services directly – saving the typical vendor £1,000’s in estate agency fees. Because they have paid a premium to buy your home, these buyers want to move swiftly – a 56-day window for completion, and don’t want to lose their premium so Committed Buyer clients see a fall through rate as low as 5% versus market norms of over 33%

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How does it work?

For no fee, Secure My Sale will introduce your property to our Committed Buyer pool – marketed to them at a guaranteed price you’re comfortable with. Our cash-only and mortgage buyers register interest in your property and the highest asking price wins. The buyer pays for the cost of this service – not our Secure My Sale clients. They do because it prevents gazumping and reduces the risk of fall through on the property from 33% to 5% – a more certain outcome for both the buyer and our SMS clients.

Buy it now

Buyers can make an offer on the property at any time and, if our Secure My Sale client is in agreement, we can issue a ‘buy it now’ instruction. Once you have accepted this instruction, this means we can immediately take the property off the market. Surety and speed for both buyers and SMS clients.

Speed of completion

Once the property is sold, there is a 56 day window to completion. This is far quicker than the traditional selling process which can often run in excess of 3 months. With such speed to sell behind our clients that use this product, they’re better placed to negotiate their onward purchase and move in to their new home.


It is important to us that you have full transparency of this process. You will see every tender submitted – as do all the buyers interested in your property, which generally leads to greater competition and higher asking prices. A flexible, convenient and highly controlled way to sell your property.

You can find our full guide here:

You can also watch our video here –

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Or if you would like further information on how we could help you contact our offices for a FREE no obligation consultation from one of our fantastic team on 01476 825258 or 08446 568212. You can visit our website for all information on what Secure My Sale can do for you

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